Hatem Akrout


« Sans titre »

Hatem Akrout

« Sans titre »

Encre et aquarelle sur papier– 2016 - 141 x 210 cm [156 x 225cm encadré]

Signature et date en haut à gauche – Signature et date au dos

Provenance : atelier de l'artiste

Ink and watercolor on paper – 2016 - 141 x 210 cm [156 x 225cm framed]

Signed and dated top left – Signature and date on the reverse

Origin : Artist's studio

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The definition of History by Schopenhauer could perfectly apply to the one of Art the way Hatem Akrout practices it : «The story may pretend to always tell us something new, it is like some kaleidoscope: each turn presents us with a new configuration, and yet these are, to tell the truth, the same elements that always pass before our eyes «. Convinced of this obviousness Hatem Akrout knows how to return to his essential to renew himself. Simple figures issued from a personal imagery, assembled, nested, tirelessly recomposed into a kind of art of the motif. He mingles to them some reminders of previous works and techniques and uses a differentiated scale for main elements. The resulting throng is, however, much more orderly than it seems to be because each figure is inhabited by an emblematic or allegorical value and the precisely proposed arrangement of the ones with the others makes it possible to formulate a narrative. However, nothing is said, everything is suggested and the artist leaves it up to everyone to imagine their own story by attributing to each figure its own meaning.

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Vous pourrez voir l'image d'un jour imprimée sur la muraille du Fort St Jean à Marseille et découvrir d'autres travaux de Hatem Akrout dans le très beau petit film de 7' que lui a consacré FR3 Corse. 


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